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Founded in 1981 as a Non-profit Religious Corporation, IAM is dedicated to promoting metaphysical education for all. Donations lovingly accepted. 


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Monday, April 1st 7PM Medium’s Night in Cassadaga. Tickets on sale in bookstore at 5:30 $20 for a 15 minute mini-reading. Camp fundraiser with several I.A.M. members participating.


Wednesdays, April 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th by appointment between 12-6PM 1/2 hr, 3/4 hr and 1 hr. Spiritual Consultations and Healings with Torre’ at Luna Sol Esoterica 311 S.Park Ave. Sanford 32771 Call 321-439-3073 Prepaid by card


Saturday, April 6, 2019 10-4:30 Advanced Reiki III Workshop by Ruth Hulthen in Lake Mary. Must have completed all lower Reiki levels. Call or text 330-256-4727 for details. 


Saturday, April 6th 2-4PM Memorial Service for Rev. Dr. James W. R. Thomas, Colby Memorial Temple, Cassadaga, FL


Sunday, April 7th 9:30-10:15AM Rev. Philip DeLong will be the speaker at Lyceum at the Andrew Jackson Davis Building in Cassadaga.


Sunday, April 7th 2:00-4:00pm The Bottom of the Cup – Tasseomancy/Tea Leaf Reading Class with Rev. Torre’. Learn the ancient art of Tasseomancy/Tea Leaf Reading. It is one of the most intriguing ways of scrying with Psychic and Metaphysical Teacher Torre' See your future through shapes and imagery of the leaves. What's at the bottom of your up?  Cost $35 Location -Luna Sol Esoterica  311 S. Park Ave Sanford FL 32771 Please Register no later than the day before this event 321-439-3073 (There will be Certification for hours if you need for  I.A.M. Members)


Wednesday, April 10th 7:00PM Rev. Philip DeLong will be the message bearer at Colby Temple.


Saturday, April 13th 7-9PM Saturday Night Séance/message service with Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong and friends at the Slater House in Cassadaga, FL. Seating limited, call 386-228-2880 for a reservation. $20., SCSCMA & IAM Members $15. Doors locked at 7PM.


Sunday, April 14th 11am-4pm The Cosmic Spring Fest @ Serenity Now Yoga

Mini Readings, Health Vendors, Yoga and Dance Demonstration and Vegan Food Truck! 1200 West State Road 434 Suite 212, Longwood, FL 32750


Sunday, April 14th 2-4PM Sacred Geometry & You! Vibrational Consciousness and Harmony in Your Life with Rev. Philip DeLong at the Andrew Jackson Davis Building in Cassadaga. Understand the frequency and vibrations of Sacred Geometry and the Crystalline Grid. A hands-on workshop to connect to the collective consciousness for personal empowerment. $25.00 To register call 386-228-2880

Sunday, April 14th 6:30–8:15PM IAM Temple of Divine Knowledge Sunday Service.  Pranic Healing from 6:30–7:00 PM. Service includes Guided Meditation, Discourse, and Discussion. 1249 Laurel Oak Drive, DeLand, FL in the Hawthorne Hills Park at Garfield and New  Hampshire, near DeLand Middle School.  If you can't join us in person, please call 605-475-5950 and use PIN Number 9685584


Thursday, April 18th 7PM. Monthly Guided Healing Meditation by Ashkhen. 174 Marvin Rd, Ormond Beach. Love offering. For more info contact 708-323-5107


Friday, April 19th 7PM Full Moon Meditation Sun in Aries Easter Festival. Seed thought: I come forth and from the plane of mind, I rule. Form:  And the Word said: “Let form again be sought.” Reading from Torkom Saraydarian’s SYMPHONY OF THE ZODIAC, a guided meditation and channeling from the higher realms. Please RSVP 386-459-9356 if attending in person, space is limited. At UCSS Spiritual Centre Church, 102A Aspen Avenue, Orange City, Florida 32763. Refreshments served afterward, please bring a dish to share. If you can't join us in person, please call 605-475-5950 and use PIN Number 9685584


Saturday, April 20th with Torre’by appointment at Gypsy Apothecary 12:30-5pm 3540 S. Orange Ave. Orlando FL 32806 pre-pay to the shop 



Saturday, April 20th 7–9PM Candlelight Healing Service Join healers for an evening of spiritual healing and other healing modalities, such as Reiki, Pranic Healing and Arching Light, will be available as well.  Dr Louis Gates will lead all in a healing meditation accompanied by uplifting music. Donations appreciated, for the benefit of Colby Memorial Temple, 1250 Marion St, Cassadaga FL 32706.


Sunday, April 21st 10:30am Rev. Dr. Philip DeLong will be the speaker at the UCSS Spiritual Centre Church, 102A Aspen Avenue, Orange City, Florida 32763.


Saturday, April 27th 7-9PM Saturday Night Séance/message service with Rev. Philip DeLong and friends at the Slater House in Cassadaga, FL. Seating limited, call 386-228-2880 for a reservation. $20., SCSCMA & IAM Members $15. Doors locked at 7PM.


Sunday, April 28th 2-4PM Death and Leaving the Physical Body with Rev. Philip DeLong at the Andrew Jackson Davis Building in Cassadaga, FL.   How to release your loved ones and friends over to the other side of life. The process the physical body goes through in its transition process.
$30 $25 If Pre-Register by Thursday April 25, call 386-228-2880





NEW ONLINE PRIVATE CLASSES/ MAKE-UP CLASSES on ANY Subject I teach by appointment with Rev. Torre, on Skype. $25 prepay (to receive your handouts) by the day before class on the website


Sundays 10AM  Rev. Dr. Sheldon Ganberg and Rev. Debra Greten Ganberg would like to announce that we will both be speaking monthly and doing healing, meditations and giving spirit messages at UCSS Spiritual Centre Church. Rev. Dr. Sheldon will be speaking the 2nd Sunday of each month and Rev. Debra will be speaking the 4th Sunday of each month. We are very excited to have the opportunity to serve at Rev. Margaret Ann Schmidt's church on a regular basis!  We hope to see you there. 

The UCSS Spiritual Centre Church address is: 102A Aspen Avenue, Orange City, Florida 32763 Time: 10:00AM Spiritual Healing,10:30AM Sunday Service  


Mondays by appointment with Rev. Torre’. Serenity Now Yoga  at 1200 West State Road 434 Suite 212 Longwood FL, 32750 321-439-3073


Mondays 11:11PM LIVE on Facebook on The Venus In Velvet Page/Psychic Torre' -join in and comment or ask a Spiritual question.


Tuesdays 7-9PM Esoteric Beginnings of Planet Earth; includes things you might not have known about the Ascended Masters. Topics to be discussed are The Creation and Government of the World, The Seven Bodies of Man, The Law of Life and much more. This class will be taught by Rev. Philip DeLong. Class will be held at 1090 Stevens St (Rev. Tom Berkner Building) Cassadaga, Florida. $20 per person. $12 for IAM & SCSCMA students. Please call Rev. Philip DeLong at 386-453-9356 for more information.


Thursdays by appointment with Rev. Torre’. Serenity Now Yoga  at 1200 West State Road 434 Suite 212 Longwood FL, 32750 321-439-3073


Thursdays at 10:45AM Healing Circle at the AJD building in Cassadaga. Guided meditation for distance healing for those who have requested it, and for your own well being. If you have anyone you would like added to the healing list, please call 386-228-0910.


Saturdays by appointment with Rev. Torre’. Serenity Now Yoga  at 1200 West State Road 434 Suite 212 Longwood FL, 32750 321-439-3073


Evenings by Appointment -- Table Tipping with Rev. Dr. Phil, 5971 Broken Bow Lane, Port Orange. Seating is limited to 6-8 persons, so please call 386-453-9356 by the preceding Thursday to reserve your seat. Groups on Saturday and other dates by arrangement. $25.





Rev. Philip DeLong is available for readings (in person, phone, or Skype), healing, ceremonies, lectures, séances, table tipping, private and group parties, etc.  Please call him at 386-453-9356.  Stop by when you are in Cassadaga, 1145 Stevens Street. Brigham Hall, Office 2A.


Rev. Ann DeLong is available for Sound Energy Dynamics sessions (tuning forks), Pranic Healing, Spiritual Healing, and more. For an appointment, please call 386-453-6488.


Rev. Torre' is available for readings by phone, Skype, or FaceTime call for an appointment 321-439-3073; and in Sanford at Luna Sol Esoterica,311 S. Park Ave. in Sanford, Psychic Reading and Healing dates Mondays and Thursday’s by appointment at Serenity Now Yoga Barre and Healing Center 1200 W. State Rd 434 Longwood FL 32750 Suite 212, 321-439-3073, and private sessions by appointment; 321-636-4883.


Dr. Geri Krista is available for readings by appointment. Please call or text 718-828-4723 or email


Ashkhen is available for private healing sessions, by phone or in person. Contact:386-898-7582


Ruth Hulthen will be conducting Reiki I and Reiki II workshops. Please contact her at or 330-256-4727 for details. 


Toni McKnight is a certified Soul RealignmentTM Practitioner. Learn your Soul's history and purpose, how to clear negative karmic patterns and create the life you want. For more information and to schedule a session, call or text Toni at 305-498-4515.


Past Life Regression Hypnosis - Many times we are dealing with issues in our current lifetime that can be linked to experiences from past lifetimes, but these issues have not balanced or released. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (or QHHT) offers a way to explore these issues, and to balance and release them. Many times this also results in a healing. Please contact Rev. Bill Morse (a Certified Level II QHHT Practitioner) at 386-679-5035, or email at, with any questions or to schedule a session.


Ann Palmer is available for current, past lives counseling and regressions, as well as weddings. Reverend Ann began actively channeling Messages from Higher Consciousness and giving readings in the early 80’s. Since then, she lectured across the U.S. on various Metaphysical subjects. Ann has made a study of most world religions, ancient history, many areas to understand Soul Development. In addition to appearing in many films/TV shows, she produced more than 250 TV cable shows; some were psychic call-in shows. Newspaper articles proclaimed her to be: “one of California’s top psychics.” Having lived in Florida in the 1970s again 2001-2004, she returned in April 2018 and now taking Central Florida Clients. Chat with Ann on what you need, prices depend on your needs and your ability to pay. Cell 386 414 9218 -if no answer please write: 


Rev. Dr. Sheldon Ganberg is happy to announce the re-opening of his Spiritual Healing, Acupuncture and Asian Medicine and Soul Reading practice. His home office is in Lake Helen/Cassadaga. Please e-mail him or call for an appointment:  386-444-0553 



From Sarita:
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Healings using Rekhi, chakra balancing, pranic healing, energy healing, Manual Energy, and other modalities, to assess, clear and balance beyond 7 chakras while extracting implements of destruction, disharmonious energy, and any other, current, or past life negativities. Sealing with harmony and balance through energy transfer with the "knowing” and many other eastern metaphysical modalities, including Tantra, yoga, herbs, Ayurveda !
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