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Kimberly Ann Talbert

Rev. Kimberly Ann Talbert
Kimberly-Ann Talbert, O.M.
December 17, 1954

Reverend Kimberly-Ann is a multi-talented member of I.A.M. She was born & raised in Los Angeles, CA and currently resides at the base of the Angeles National Forest with her two cats Aristophanes (Bud) and Zeinab. She has worked in a public library for the past 35 years and is responsible for: customer service at the check-out counter, reference & information services, collection development (large print, mystery & audio visual materials), and an occasional storytime.

She has earned: an A.A. from Mt. San Antonio College; a B.A. from California State University Fullerton; an Adult Education Credential from U.C.L.A.; a Masters in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University; & a Teacher of Metaphysics, Healer Practitioner, Spiritual Counselor, and Ordained Minister licenses from I.A.M.
Kimberly-Ann has studied with; Grandfather Wallace Black Elk (Lakota), Grandfather Marcellus Bear Heart (Muskogee), Dr. James Thomas, Reverend Joan Toussant, DaEl Walker, & most recently Jo Dunning.

Kimberly-Ann has been walking the Canka Luta Waste (Good Red Road) for more than twenty years and believes in “Mi Takuye Oyacin” (We Are ALL Related)….and that “Laughter is Good Medicine”. Her interest in healing the planet has led her to such destinations as Spokane, WA for four years Hanbleceya; Big Mountain, AZ; the labyrinth at Sycamore Springs; Teotihuacán, Chichen Itza, & Tolum, Mexico.

Kimberly-Ann has served as an active volunteer with: Louise Hay at Hayride (working with people dealing with hiv concerns), Wildlife on Wheels (where she was honored as Volunteer of the Year), California Youth Authority (running Native American Ceremony), Adopt-a-Native Elder Program (helping at the annual rug show, and making food & clothing runs to the Dineh [Navajo] reservation), Woodland Elementary School (providing Native Teachings for “Thanksgiving”).

As well as being a passionate reader, Kimberly-Ann is an exceptional artist currently working with gourds, jewelry, photography, and images of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Kimberly-Ann’s environmentally biased & politically liberal blog “A-Musings of Auntie Nanuuq” can be found at: her bookshelf can be found at: & her photography can be viewed at:

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