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Lolly Thayer

Lolly Thayer
Lolly was born in Orlando, Fl. and grew up in the small town of Crescent City, Fl. In 1975 she met and married her husband. They brought up their two daughters together and in 2004 he passed from lung cancer. After his passing she decided to take classes in healing and metaphysics, something she had had a strong interest in all her life.
At this point she has taken many classes on many subjects and wishes to continue learning everything she can. After taking many different types of healing classes; such as, hands on spiritual healing, pranic, biogenesis, sound, and reiki, she is now a certified healer. She wishes to continue learning different methods of healing and is also working toward her mediumship certification. Lolly made her transition to the higher side of life in April 2014. 

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