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Rev. Mary Anderson

In the late seventies, Mary attended meditation classes, changing her life and prompting her to seek intellectual knowledge and truth.  She enrolled in college and began a new life.  She has spent the ensuing thirty years involved in metaphysical studies.


Mary Anderson is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Central Florida, with her degree in Psychology.  While working in the Social Services field, she became a State of Florida, Certified Behavior Analyst and became certified in Hypnotherapy.  It was during this period of time that Mary began using her intuitive abilities to assist her clients.  A Licensed Massage Therapist, Mary was led to Energy and Healing work with crystals and essential oils.  She is a Reiki Master, a Pranic Healer, a Spiritual Healer, and a Spiritual Counselor.  Mary has taught and attuned many individuals to Reiki levels, I, II and III. 


After becoming a Notary Public, Mary began performing marriage ceremonies and began performing Celebrations of Life and Memorial Services.  It is Life experiences, her belief in Spirit, in Love, in The Golden Rule, in Beauty, in Goodness, in Compassion, in Hope, in Forgiveness, in Honesty, in Caring for others, in Good Ethics, in Wisdom; her studies and work with Death and Dying, her work with individuals with developmental challenges, and her work with Crisis Intervention & Suicide Prevention that led her to seek these avenues so she may assist and serve others.  Rev. Mary was ordained June 4th, 2012, with Rev. Dr. James Thomas and Rev. Philip DeLong performing the ceremony through the International Association of Metaphysics.  

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