Dedicated to providing metaphysical education to all
Rev. Rose Ellen Biggers, R.N.

Rose Ellen was raised in a Spiritualist family.  Her parents sat in prayer, meditation and development circles from the time she was six years old.  In addition to participation in weekly prayer meetings, she witnessed trumpet mediumship, channeling and independent voice at her parents weekly circle. After college, marriage and raising a family, she was gently led to be with people that were of like mind in many ways.  She returned to her meditation practice and began to attend development classes with the International Association of Metaphysics and others.  Ordained a Spiritualist Minister by Dr. James W. R Thomas in 1996, she has studied many modalities of alternative healing and taught many classes in different areas of the USA and India. 

Rose Ellen is a Registered Nurse, scientist and gifted energy practitioner who uses a variety of instruments to help people identify their issues and heal.  Her expertise includes bio-acoustics, aura analysis, EFT, and Live Cell evaluation phase microscopy. Rose Ellen's latest passion is helping others to heal with her Orion Bioscan.  With the Orion Feedback System, she can collect data about your general health very quickly and qualitatively.  This is helpful for early detection, correction and prevention of illness-causing imbalances; testing medications and supplements, quantum therapy and preparing remedies.  Please contact Rose Ellen at 386-277-4388 for details and to make an appointment.

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