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     Betsy was born in New York City and raised in Orlando, Florida.  New Orleans, Louisiana was her home during her twenties until she returned to Orlando in 1984 and earned her Bachelor's degree in English at the University of Central Florida.  From there, she went on to complete her studies at the New York University School of Publishing and started her career as a magazine editor in Manhattan.

     Returning to Central Florida in 1989, she pursued a career as a freelance writer and editor.  After exploring various avenues of interest and finding herself without much direction or purpose in her life, Betsy stumbled upon Spiritualism while researching an article.  Intrigued and inspired by the open-minded nature of Spiritualism, she became a familiar face around the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp, home of Spiritualism in the southeastern US.  There she first discovered that she had the ability and desire to be of service through hands-on healing. 

     While learning about Spiritualism and hands-on healing in Cassadaga, she took two journeys to sacred sites in Peru where she was privileged to learn from two Quechuan shamans.  These experiences led her to explore the larger fields of metaphysics and vibrational healing.  Eventually, Betsy felt the best way to be of service to the most people was to provide a resource for those seeking help outside the confines of traditional medicine.  She opened the Healing Journeys Center for Alternative Health  in DeLand, Florida  where all were welcome to learn about and receive help in the areas of BioGenesis, Chromotherapy, Hands-on Healing, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Message Therapy, Reiki Healing and more.  Healing Journeys was forced to close due to damage incurred by the three hurricanes that tore through the area in 2004.

     Betsy has attained Human and Universal Energy Level II certification, advanced training in BioGenesis Healing and, in the field of Crystal Healing, has studied with world-renowned healers Melody, Naisha Ahsian, JaneAnn Dow and others.  She is a Reverend with the Universal Church of Light.  Her studies in metaphysics and vibrational healing with Dr. James Thomas are ongoing and she serves on the IAM Board of Trustees as Secretary.  She lives in Cassadaga with her two cats.

Betsy passed to spirit December 9, 2011 in Orlando, after being transferred to Hospice Care. Betsy continues to inspire us with her love and spirit. 




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