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JacQuaeline is technically considered an Intuitive Mystic.  She has been teaching, counseling, coaching and supporting people's spiritual growth and success since 1977.  She works with business executives, entrepreneurs, visionaries, creative people and anyone who is interested in spiritual integration, growth and, most importantly, personal or professional success.

 As a psychic, she has been noted as America's West Coast Premiere Psychic.  She's been quoted by the L.A. Times and broadcast her own hour-long weekly radio shows to Southern California for several years.  She's been teaching and giving "readings" and demonstrating that people can learn to develop intuitive skills her entire life.  She is highly distinguished for her accuracy in timing of events with her forecasts and predictions.  Most recently, she was listed as a referral in a new publication called "Becoming Psychic" by two noted world researchers in the field of paranormal exploration.

 JacQuaeline worked with the Police and Sheriff's departments and was a psychic on a task force for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.  She has taught classes and seminars across the country, been on national television specials in both the U.S. and Canada and taught E.S.P.  In 2003 she was sponsored to travel to Tokyo, Japan where she conducted E.S.P./Intuitive/Psychic Development and Healing with Tuning Forks.

Personally, JacQuaeline is driven to be the best she can be and supports anyone who is serious about integrating spiritual growth into their life for outer world success.  It takes work.  Having support is powerful.

Her current slogan:  Live Life Fully!

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