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Rev. Dr. James W. R. Thomas 1935-2019




Dr. James W. R. Thomas moved to California in 1960 to pursue his career as a Chiropractor.  There he began his spiritual quest, exploring a number of Christian religions, Judaism, Self Realization and Spiritualism.

In 1964, while treating a patient in his office, he saw a yellow hue around her body.  This experience led to years of research on the chakra energy centers and their correlation with the spine; classes at a Spiritualist Church; years of research in parapsychology with Dr. Thelma Moss at UCLA and study with a variety of spiritual teachers and gurus from the Far East.  These studies led Dr. Thomas to Metaphysics, his spiritual home.

Ordained as a Spiritualist Minister in 1972, Dr. Thomas began teaching courses based upon his research in Parapsychology.  Dr. Thomas, along with several of his students, instituted the Church of Divine Knowledge in 1973.  The following year they opened the Thomas Institute of Metaphysics as an adjunct to the Church of Divine Knowledge.  The Thomas Institute was soon holding five classes each evening on various metaphysical topics as well as special seminars.  The largest organization of its kind Los Angeles, a mecca for all things metaphysical in the U.S., The Thomas Institute was soon recognized as a model for Metaphysical studies and research.

With all the activities at the Church and The Institute to keep him busy, Dr. Thomas still maintained his Chiropractic practice serving many well-known celebrities.  It was in 1979 that Dr. Thomas channeled the instructions to start a separate organization with a special Board of Directors.  Initially, the organization lacked a name but that was rectified in 1981 when Dr. Thomas' contact with Ascended Master Saint Germaine during a full moon meditation provided the name International Association of Metaphysics (IAM).

In 1989 Dr. Thomas moved the International Association of Metaphysics to its present location in Lake Helen, Florida near renowned Spiritualist center, Cassadaga.  At present, Dr. Thomas continues his misssion to teach metaphysics through classes and seminars in Lake Helen.  He is a certified teacher and evaluator with the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp Meeting Association as well as the former Pastor of Cassadaga Spiritualist Church at Colby Memorial Temple.


Dr. Thomas's reading demonstration 
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